Over the last few years, we've been collecting and obsessing over vintage soccer shorts—wearing them, studying them, and literally dissecting them in some cases. A handful were sent out for elastic repairs, most were re-worked with WTFATC club graphics, and a few were nearly perfect, so we set them aside.
Look at all these nearly-perfect soccer shorts:
So many nearly-perfect soccer shorts.Among the shorts we fell in love with: a pair of referee shorts manufactured in New York City in the 1980s; a pair with lining and an elastic drawstring waist from the mid-90s; a big, breezy pair from the early 2000s; and the rarest of all—a pair of soccer shorts with pockets.
Details, details, details.
Using these vintage shorts as reference, we designed our first cut & sew piece—a perfect pair of soccer shorts made to wear every day. They're called TC010 - NOT SOCCER SHORTS, manufactured in New York City from USA-made waterproof nylon and polyester sports mesh lining. Of course they have pockets.
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